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Filipino Virtual Worker The Best for Your Business

There are thousands of companies covering hundreds of industries that are out there right now searching for reliable Filipino virtual workers. Whether your skills are related to marketing, content creation, law, accounting, HR services, information technology, programming, arts, graphic design, and the like, there is work available for you online. 


If working from home as a Filipino virtual worker is something that sounds appealing to you, you can start browsing possible online job opportunities at www.hirefilipino.ph. You can use their extensive database as a jump of point to find the company that is fit for you. 


Another step would be to see if your current employer is willing to let you telecommute. Know your strengths and weaknesses so you can sell yourself. If your employer is not keen on it, but you want to work remotely, pick an online platform like hire.ph to promote your services. 


Working online, virtually, or remotely just means that you don’t have to physically go to an office and meet with co-workers face-to-face every single day. Virtual workers can be independent freelance entrepreneurs or they can be directly hired by a company. They use technology to deliver quality materials and services to clients in the global market.


Most Filipino virtual workers work from their home offices. They typically receive project instructions by email, phone, or some form of messaging system. As a result, most save time and energy from being stuck in traffic or from braving the urban jungle to commute. Remote workers can conserve their energies and save time for the more important task of delivering quality work and services to their clients.


Although many virtual staff typically offers secretarial or administrative services, more and more people with diverse academic backgrounds and skills enter this field. Now, we have those who specialize in web design, IT support, medical transcription, and the like. All thanks to advances in technology, most types of work can now be handled by a remote staff. There is no need to invest in an actual office that costs a lot of money to maintain.


Filipino virtual workers may not have cubicles or actual office spaces assigned to them, but they are still considered legitimate employees of the company. Those who are hired directly will have their hours stipulated and tasks delegated by the company. Typically, these are routine tasks that must be conducted to keep the company’s daily activities afloat. At times, some of the virtual workers need to log their hours as demanded by their employers. The latter can dictate how the virtual employer must perform and what he needs to do, akin to an actual office set-up.


 On the other hand, freelancers have more flexibility with their time. They are typically employed for special projects or they can have arrangements within the company that gives them freedom where and when to work. Typically, these types of projects just give a blue print of what needs to be done, and it’s up to the remote freelancer to meet those target goals within a certain time frame and meeting certain quality standards set by the employer. 


It’s time to kick this misconception—that virtual workers only assist with the mundane tasks—to the curb. A remote Filipino worker’s range of responsibilities is now much more broad and dynamic. It is now possible to do a wide variety of things remotely or "virtually” thanks to technology. These Filipino virtual workers fill real business needs.


  Types of things that virtual assistants may engage in are the following: writing/copywriting, editing, graphic design, research, desktop publishing, audio-visual editing, photo services, consulting, coaching, social media management, product management, transcription, programming, data entry, and more. These are just a few examples of what types of work a remote worker can do.


There are many possible types of work and industries that competent and qualified people from all over the globe are eager to help with. The most important thing to know right now is where to find these quality workers and to know where to find these jobs. Let the team behind www.hirefilipino.ph help you with both aspects. They vet possible candidates to help you find your reliable Filipino virtual worker, and at the same time, they have an extensive list of job-offerings to help you look for a client or company to help you beef up your income.

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Tips to become a Filipino Virtual Worker

You’ve finally decided that your sick and tired of the traffic situation, you want to escape the bundy clock, and you just want to work in the comforts of your own home. Now, pat yourself on the back for making such a good, life-changing decision.


 Take the first step in finding a good employer that will allow you to work from home by singing up with a good company that has a large database of multination corporations. One such company is www.hirefilipino.ph; where registration is even free. 


Hereunder are the qualities you need to improve to ensure that you bag those stellar home-based jobs that probably pay more than actual office or onsite jobs. Hey, these companies have the power of the dollar working for them! The following are essential so you can ace your interview:



Show your would be employers that you have fantastic communication skills. Majority of the work will be done over the wires, so to speak, and it is essential to show that you have a strong command of the English language, both oral and written. Be sure to enunciate your words well during the interview. Think before you speak so you can articulate your ideas well. On top of that, keep in mind that your written or electronic correspondence needs to be in pristine condition. An eloquent worker who can express himself clearly will always be picked over someone who is quiet. 



Make sure that you have a stellar resume that sets you apart from the other candidates. Double check and proofread your resume to ensure that it doesn’t have any errors. Minor editing issues such as typos or subject-verb agreement mistakes say more than you think. These show what type of work ethic you have, if you’re sloppy or detail oriented. Never underestimate the power of a good resume!



Make a good impact on your interview by showing confidence. Ensure that your personality jives with the company culture of the job you’re applying too. Be professional and be on time for the actual interview. Be online a few minutes before the interview date to ensure that you’ve ironed out possible connection or tech issues. Most of all, answer questions truthfully, be alert, and be prepared to ask your own questions to show that you take an active interest in the company.



Majority of employers are unsure how well virtual workers will gel within their companies. They usually instigate a trial project to test the waters. After which, these trial projects become fulltime employment if the candidates impress them. Thus, it goes without saying that you should ace your trail period because this time frame allows the prospective employer to get to know you. This is also the period where you can gain their trust. Make sure that your small trial project goes well so you can be entrusted with the bigger tasks.



Make sure you are sellable by being adept with all social media platforms. We now have a digital future and everything rests on these things. Apart from a comprehensive understanding of these social media functionalities, it is important to clearly know what it can do for businesses. Manage your own social media accounts well so that the digital footprint you leave behind is stellar. Make no mistake because companies now check prospective employees’ social media accounts. You don’t want to inadvertently post an embarrassing picture of yourself on FB or Instagram. Take care of your online reputation.



When you’ve finally been hired and you commit a work mistake, take accountability. Never be afraid to voice out what you have done wrong. Every single person learns and grows from mistakes. It shows that you value your work and you want to do better. It also signifies that you are someone that can be trusted if you know how to take ownership for mistakes.



You have a voice and you need to use that. Be the type of professional worker who has enough confidence in your skills and experiences to share suggestions for the benefit of your employer’s business. They will appreciate you for voicing your concerns. It shows that you are a stakeholder, you are a team player, and you want take an active part in making the business grow.



Wow your would be employers by showing that you have the eagerness and intent to learn. Show that you can be easily groomed, open to ideas, and welcome feedback. Be proactive in seeking constructive critique because it signifies that you want to improve and grow. On top of that, it also indicates that you are serious about the job. 


These are the qualities that you have to keep in mind if you want to join the exciting and rewarding arena of Virtual Work. There are many opportunities available out there; all you need to do is grab them. If you are wondering where to start, hop-on over to www.hirefilipino.ph. These guys know the market, and they can certainly help you get started.

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Filipino Virtual Worker Fill Real Business Needs

Filipino Virtual Workers are highly in demand because they do quality work for a fraction of the price that employers would otherwise pay for an in-house employee. It really is a sweet deal aided by the advancements in technology! It is a win-win situation for all because Filipino Virtual Workers are also highly compensated (in terms of their developing country’s standard) without ever having to experience traffic and other daily hassles of commuting in the urban jungle.

These Filipino Virtual Workers may not have cubicles in physical office spaces assigned to them, but they are still actual, legitimate employees of a company. Their hiring hours are established and what they do and how they do it during those hours are clearly stated in the hiring process. Some are even formally hired with legal binding contracts.

Even if things are done “virtually” or aided by technology, bridging distance and space; tasks are still done professionally. Don’t make a mistake of thinking that what these Filipino Virtual Workers do are non-essential. In fact, most multinational companies now have them on their roster of employees because of their high efficiency and strong command of English. Most of them are also willing to work and fix their hours to match the time zone of their employers.

Don’t let the name Filipino Virtual Worker throw you off kilter. They are very real people who hold these jobs. The world virtual simply means they work remotely. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t pull in their weight. These Filipino Virtual Workers bring very different skill sets into their cyber projects, assignments and tasks. Some of them may be programmers capable of coding java, linux, or C ++. They can focus on something serious like network security, something as artistic as making a gaming app, or something in between serious and artistic like crafting a website from scratch.

 Most of these Filipino Virtual Workers also belong to the administrative personnel category. As the name implies, they take care of administrative needs of a company. These types of virtual workers are highly skilled at operating productivity programs like Microsoft excel, other spreadsheet programs, scheduling programs, and even something as simple as the email. They are your typical bookkeeper types who are into details and crunch numbers. Some also don’t mind fielding calls and scheduling travels and appointments.

On the other hand, there are some Filipino Virtual workers who belong to the “creatives” umbrella. They may be adept at churning words or they may be more comfortable working with images. Sometimes, it can even be a mix of both so from making posters, videos, scoring music, writing copy, or other compelling content; virtual workers can possibly do them all. These types of workers love the arts and can easily make social media content for their various clients.

Another category is known as the freelancer, which some people call as independent contractors. These types of Filipino Virtual Workers can also take advantage of technology and find virtual jobs. In these types of cases, the hiring company makes arrangements and contracts. The latter can either be formal or informal, depending on the need of the company. They are hired in terms of projects and they are co-terminus when a specific project ends.

Specific industries or certain types of projects are more feasible or conducive for this sort of a business relationship when compared to other industries. Clearly, Virtual Work will not work out (pun intended) for Veterinary Services or something like landscaping. However, for jobs such as web design and programming, virtual working is the perfect fit. In fact, these two were amongst the earliest jobs that were readily filled by virtual workers.

Currently, BPO is the fastest growing trend in the Filipino Virtual Job Market. Handling customer service for off-shore clients is the “in” thing. In the old days, these jobs were filled via a centralized call center, much like we would see in the Eastwood Area. But now, whether outbound or inbound call services, any company can now make a direct hire so they can enlist their desired individuals. High speed fiber internet and available software have made it possible for this kind of service to flourish. 

Over all, there are many possible fields where in a Filipino Virtual Worker can be tapped to fill a need. Technology has made it possible for all of us in the world to be interconnected. High tech software has now made it possible for workers to be monitored to check if they render the right number of hours or they do quality work. This ensures that the work being done is still topnotch even if it is being done by an individual at home. The physical company location no longer matters nowadays as long as company standards are met and addressed. 

To find out more about hiring your own Filipino Virtual Worker, please hop-on over to www.hirefilipino.ph. Also follow us on our social media channels at….INDICATE/ IG FB TWITTER. Hiring your own FILIPINO VIRTUAL WORKER is now literally just a click away.

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Types of Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are more than just secretaries who answer the phone, type memos, or keep tabs on your schedule. They can help you manage routine tasks, as well as, carry out entire projects for you! They actually can contribute to your business’s productivity, boost its growth, and help you expand your clientele. On top of that, they free up your time so you can focus on more important things such as business development or taking that much needed vacation to de-stress.  


Quash this misconception that Virtual Assistants only assist with the mundane. Their range of tasks is much more broad and dynamic. With the aid of technology, it is now possible to do a wide variety of things remotely or "virtually.”


Types of things that virtual assistants may engage in are the following: writing/copywriting, editing, graphic design, research, desktop publishing, audio-visual editing, photo services, consulting, coaching, social media management, product management, transcription, programming, data entry, and more. These are just a few examples of what types of work a remote worker can do.


There are many possible types of work that competent and qualified people from all over the world are raring to do and help with. The most important thing to know right now is where to find these quality workers. Let us help you vet the possible candidates. All you need to do is peruse our database to find the Filipino Virtual Worker that fits your needs. Check us out at www.hirefilipino.ph to start making your life easier. 


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Working With HireFilipino.ph, What Do You Have to Gain?

At times, finding the right virtual worker to suit your company can feel like finding a needle in a mountain-like haystack.  How do you know if a specific person is the right fit for what you need? How do you assess if you have “chemistry” with this person? The last thing a growing business needs is a broken relationship with a dysfunctional virtual worker. There is a need to vet applicants and HireFilipino.ph takes on that challenge on your behalf.


                Our dedicated staff takes the time to find you the right person. We do the rigid screening of resumes, interviews, and background checks to ensure that the person we pick and recommend is exactly who you need. It needs to be someone who is qualified and matches your personality or company culture, so you can have them around all day.


                Let’s face it, in-house employees cost you more! They need to be frequently trained with corresponding increases in salary. On top of that, they need insurance and other benefits such as sick or vacation leaves.  It is hard to afford someone full-time, anyway; so if you’re overwhelmed with backbreaking chores, tedious paperwork, and a stressful line of projects, go the cheaper virtual worker route.


                Hiring Filipino workers through HireFilipino.ph means you get quality workers for a mere fraction of the price. The Philippines is a former American colony for 48 years, with English as the medium of instruction in schools until this day. Therefore, it is not surprising that majority of the population can communicate well. They are also all reliable and hardworking; picking up instructions fast. Coupled with their very sunny disposition, Filipino workers are a pleasure to train.


                With the power of the dollar working to your advantage, along with the benefits of technology that bridges distance; it is ever so easy to hire your own pair of extra hands to keep your business growing. Ask us how at www.hirefilipino.ph so you can have more time and energy in your hands to focus on the things that matter most: developing your business and enjoying your spare time with loved ones.

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Hire Filipino Virtual Worker - Work Trend of Going Home Based

You may be feeling stressed out from the daily work grind or feeling tired from your everyday backbreaking commute in the urban jungle. However, you may not have pulled the plug at leaving your job, no matter how unfulfilling it is, because you are scared of change and you need the income.

But here�s the thing, being stuck in something that feels wrong may keep you from finding what is right. For instance, work opportunities at www.hirefilipino.ph can bring you the career of your dreams. All you have to do is take the plunge, sign-up for free, and check our database full of multinational companies looking for Filipino Virtual Workers.

Here are a few reasons why virtual working is for you:

Greater Income Opportunity
Global companies have the power of the dollar working to their advantage. Most of the time, virtual workers get a higher hourly pay compared to regular office workers. On top of that, Pinoy virtual workers have the luxury of working from home so they don�t have to spend on daily essentials such as: commuting fare, lunch money, office clothes, or good grooming essentials like make-up.

Say Goodbye to Daily Hassle
With the current traffic situation in the Philippines, many can say that it is the current number one killer. Stress can cause a host of health problems, and it can indeed kill. Working from home gives Filipino virtual workers a reprieve from the reprehensible traffic situation which eats up precious time that can be spent with family.

Free-up Time
Not having to commute to work means virtual workers have more time with their family. They can also pursue other quality activities such as sports or meeting friends. Life is not just about work, work, and work. In order to live a balanced healthy lifestyle, everyone must be able to allot time to unwind. Telecommuting paves the way for that to happen!

More Opportunities to Grow
Since teams are often comprised of people from various locations, Pinoy virtual workers are exposed to a multi-cultural team enhancing their skills like never before. They learn from the people they collaborate with, expanding their minds and broadening their horizons. There are also many webinars and trainings via video conferences that employers provide.

Control Working Environment
Because Pinoy virtual workers have the luxury of working from home, they can plan a work environment that is the most stimulating for their own needs. For instance, if someone is more productive working by the poolside, he or she can easily bring a laptop near that area to stimulate creative juices and provide more work output. In the same token, taking a vacation is easier because virtual workers can literally take their work wherever they go. Virtual workers can control their working stations and set-up a space that will optimize their performance.

The above mentioned are not an exhaustive list. There are many more pros in working from home. Find out more about these exciting opportunities by logging into www.hirefilipino.ph or checking-out our FB page at

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Hire Reliable Filipino Virtual Workers

Dreams do not work unless you do! Let us help you achieve your business goals and aspirations by connecting you to talented Filipino Virtual Workers who help you get the back-breaking work done with a smile and for a fraction of the price! Hire Filipino offshore workers to do the work others in your locality will not. 

Filipinos are known for their excellent communication skills and topnotch performance. They consistently deliver quality work on time and take great pains to fulfill their responsibilities. Here are a few more reasons why you should consider them to be a part of your team:

1) They're Loyal

If you treat them right, Filipinos will stay on with their jobs for a long time. That translates to a more efficient worker. You do away with the expense of training new employees that have to painstakingly learn the ropes. Inefficiency, after all costs, money. With Filipinos, you're assured of their loyalty, coupled with their genuineibtentions to see the company grow. 

2) They're Fast Workers

Filipinos are used to the rat-race in the urban jungle. In order to survive, they've learned to move fast without ever compromising quality. They get more done with the same amount of time that are given to local counterparts. Filipinos just have boundless energy and ensure they get things done quickly. 

3) They're Problem Solvers

Coming from a developing country, Filipinos are used to dealing with problems on a daily basis. They've developed grit and ingenuity to creatively get out of slumps that they are consistently in counter living in a poor country. No task is to menial for them. They are doers that get things done!

4) They take their Jobs Seriously

Since good working jobs that offer quality pay are few and far between, when Filipinos are hired, they do their best efforts and take their jobs seriously. On top of that, a remote job means they won't ever have to deal with the metro's traffic situation. Thus, Filipinos do everything in their power to keep their jobs. 

These are merely a few key qualities that set Filipinos apart. Give them a try and see for yourself how they get things done. Hop-on over to the HireFilipino.ph site and let us help you connect with your own Filipino Virtual Worker right this instant.


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Harness Extra Brain Power with a Virtual Worker

Hiring a Filipino Virtual Worker can be a useful addition to your business. They provide some extra brain power and additional hands for the back-breaking daily non-essential tasks that cause stress, so you can focus more on growing your business.

A virtual worker (VW) is a person that is employed off-site and assists with a variety of functions such as: revising documents, making travel arrangements, drafting letters, updating your social media sites, contacting suppliers, bookkeeping, or etc. Since he or she resides in a developing country where the power of the dollar is king, an offshore virtual worker doesn't cost as much as a local counterpart. Hiring a Filipino virtual worker makes administrative tasks a breeze for a small price.

Here are some quick tips in hiring your own Filipino VW:

1) Track your administrative tasks for a week so you can get a good picture of what you need to delegate.

2) With the power of the internet, research is key. There is a wealth of information on the virtual worker industry on the world wide web which can help you manage your expectations.

3) Find a good middleman like HireFilipino.ph who takes away the headache of finding your needle in the haystack. They will help you vet potential virtual workers.

4) Take your time to interview several people and more importanty, trust your instincts. It is essential that you and your VW understand, like, and respect each other.

5) Be flexible by being open to suggestions and change. With their years of experience in this industry, most virtual workers update their skills on new processes and technologies. At times, they too can offer a fresh perspective on helping you manage your business more effectively.

It is essential to look at the big picture in running a business. Don't be consumed by the small details that keep your eyes off the prize. Consider delegating so you can be free from stress and have more time to do the essential tasks that help you achieve your longterm goals. Maximize all the resources available to you now through technology. Hop-on over to www.hirefilipino.ph and let us help you get started.