Filipino Virtual Worker Fill Real Business Needs

  •   Mar-11-2018

  •   by HireFilipino

Filipino Virtual Workers are highly in demand because they do quality work for a fraction of the price that employers would otherwise pay for an in-house employee. It really is a sweet deal aided by the advancements in technology! It is a win-win situation for all because Filipino Virtual Workers are also highly compensated (in terms of their developing country’s standard) without ever having to experience traffic and other daily hassles of commuting in the urban jungle.

These Filipino Virtual Workers may not have cubicles in physical office spaces assigned to them, but they are still actual, legitimate employees of a company. Their hiring hours are established and what they do and how they do it during those hours are clearly stated in the hiring process. Some are even formally hired with legal binding contracts.

Even if things are done “virtually” or aided by technology, bridging distance and space; tasks are still done professionally. Don’t make a mistake of thinking that what these Filipino Virtual Workers do are non-essential. In fact, most multinational companies now have them on their roster of employees because of their high efficiency and strong command of English. Most of them are also willing to work and fix their hours to match the time zone of their employers.

Don’t let the name Filipino Virtual Worker throw you off kilter. They are very real people who hold these jobs. The world virtual simply means they work remotely. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t pull in their weight. These Filipino Virtual Workers bring very different skill sets into their cyber projects, assignments and tasks. Some of them may be programmers capable of coding java, linux, or C ++. They can focus on something serious like network security, something as artistic as making a gaming app, or something in between serious and artistic like crafting a website from scratch.

 Most of these Filipino Virtual Workers also belong to the administrative personnel category. As the name implies, they take care of administrative needs of a company. These types of virtual workers are highly skilled at operating productivity programs like Microsoft excel, other spreadsheet programs, scheduling programs, and even something as simple as the email. They are your typical bookkeeper types who are into details and crunch numbers. Some also don’t mind fielding calls and scheduling travels and appointments.

On the other hand, there are some Filipino Virtual workers who belong to the “creatives” umbrella. They may be adept at churning words or they may be more comfortable working with images. Sometimes, it can even be a mix of both so from making posters, videos, scoring music, writing copy, or other compelling content; virtual workers can possibly do them all. These types of workers love the arts and can easily make social media content for their various clients.

Another category is known as the freelancer, which some people call as independent contractors. These types of Filipino Virtual Workers can also take advantage of technology and find virtual jobs. In these types of cases, the hiring company makes arrangements and contracts. The latter can either be formal or informal, depending on the need of the company. They are hired in terms of projects and they are co-terminus when a specific project ends.

Specific industries or certain types of projects are more feasible or conducive for this sort of a business relationship when compared to other industries. Clearly, Virtual Work will not work out (pun intended) for Veterinary Services or something like landscaping. However, for jobs such as web design and programming, virtual working is the perfect fit. In fact, these two were amongst the earliest jobs that were readily filled by virtual workers.

Currently, BPO is the fastest growing trend in the Filipino Virtual Job Market. Handling customer service for off-shore clients is the “in” thing. In the old days, these jobs were filled via a centralized call center, much like we would see in the Eastwood Area. But now, whether outbound or inbound call services, any company can now make a direct hire so they can enlist their desired individuals. High speed fiber internet and available software have made it possible for this kind of service to flourish. 

Over all, there are many possible fields where in a Filipino Virtual Worker can be tapped to fill a need. Technology has made it possible for all of us in the world to be interconnected. High tech software has now made it possible for workers to be monitored to check if they render the right number of hours or they do quality work. This ensures that the work being done is still topnotch even if it is being done by an individual at home. The physical company location no longer matters nowadays as long as company standards are met and addressed. 

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