Outsourcing Tips - What to Look for in a Virtual Assistant

  •   Mar-28-2018

  •   by HIreFilipino

Finding the right Virtual Assistant is essential because you will work closely with this person. More importantly, you will rely on this virtual worker with significant amount of work and responsibilities that need to be done for your business; thus, it is necessary to find the person who will fit and gel well will your personality and company culture. Here are some things to look out for when you are in the hiring process:


1) Open Communication

The key difference between a regular full-time employee and virtual worker is physical presence; making communication extremely important. It is necessary to look for VA that is highly responsive and maintains complete open communication lines at all times. In the hiring process, pay attention to how responsive they are to emails, chat messages, and the like. Thanks to the Internet, there are many ways to interface and get in touch with people. There is simply no excuse now to not reply quickly and efficiently to messages.



2) On-time for Interviews

Set-up at least a minimum of two virtual interviews and take note if the applicant is on time. Any virtual worker must possess great time management skills, especially since there is an off-chance that he/she will be working on a different time zone. The prospective worker’s punctuality to interviews speaks a lot about his/her time management skills. This in turn can affect how this person prioritizes different jobs or how he/she values deadlines. 



3) Cross-check for Experience

Always, always ask for references. Get in touch with previous employers to find out about work ethics. Do a trial-run if necessary to double-check skills noted on an applicant’s resume. If your company belongs to an industry with a delicate target audience, it is vital to look for someone who has industry knowledge and experience because he/she understands what your target audience would like.  



4) Asks the Right Questions

Take note of the applicant that asks questions about the role and responsibilities he/she has to play in the job he/she applies for. This shows interest and initiative on the applicant’s part. It also signifies his/her desire to meet your expectations.



5) Performs well in a Trial Run

 If you feel iffy about hiring a virtual worker, it is time to consider a trial run to test the waters. Start with a small project so you can gauge how your prospective future employee will perform. This way, you can start building trust without risking any major mistakes if the person is not the right fit. If the trial goes well, then bigger projects can be conquered.



This is by no means an exhaustive list, but these are the top 5 considerations to think off in the hiring process. Make sure you get the right person so you don’t waste time and money training the wrong person. If you need a helping hand vetting out possible candidates, check-out www.hirefilipino.ph for assistance.