Tips to become a Filipino Virtual Worker

  •   Mar-14-2018

  •   by HireFilipino

You’ve finally decided that your sick and tired of the traffic situation, you want to escape the bundy clock, and you just want to work in the comforts of your own home. Now, pat yourself on the back for making such a good, life-changing decision.


 Take the first step in finding a good employer that will allow you to work from home by singing up with a good company that has a large database of multination corporations. One such company is; where registration is even free. 


Hereunder are the qualities you need to improve to ensure that you bag those stellar home-based jobs that probably pay more than actual office or onsite jobs. Hey, these companies have the power of the dollar working for them! The following are essential so you can ace your interview:



Show your would be employers that you have fantastic communication skills. Majority of the work will be done over the wires, so to speak, and it is essential to show that you have a strong command of the English language, both oral and written. Be sure to enunciate your words well during the interview. Think before you speak so you can articulate your ideas well. On top of that, keep in mind that your written or electronic correspondence needs to be in pristine condition. An eloquent worker who can express himself clearly will always be picked over someone who is quiet. 



Make sure that you have a stellar resume that sets you apart from the other candidates. Double check and proofread your resume to ensure that it doesn’t have any errors. Minor editing issues such as typos or subject-verb agreement mistakes say more than you think. These show what type of work ethic you have, if you’re sloppy or detail oriented. Never underestimate the power of a good resume!



Make a good impact on your interview by showing confidence. Ensure that your personality jives with the company culture of the job you’re applying too. Be professional and be on time for the actual interview. Be online a few minutes before the interview date to ensure that you’ve ironed out possible connection or tech issues. Most of all, answer questions truthfully, be alert, and be prepared to ask your own questions to show that you take an active interest in the company.



Majority of employers are unsure how well virtual workers will gel within their companies. They usually instigate a trial project to test the waters. After which, these trial projects become fulltime employment if the candidates impress them. Thus, it goes without saying that you should ace your trail period because this time frame allows the prospective employer to get to know you. This is also the period where you can gain their trust. Make sure that your small trial project goes well so you can be entrusted with the bigger tasks.



Make sure you are sellable by being adept with all social media platforms. We now have a digital future and everything rests on these things. Apart from a comprehensive understanding of these social media functionalities, it is important to clearly know what it can do for businesses. Manage your own social media accounts well so that the digital footprint you leave behind is stellar. Make no mistake because companies now check prospective employees’ social media accounts. You don’t want to inadvertently post an embarrassing picture of yourself on FB or Instagram. Take care of your online reputation.



When you’ve finally been hired and you commit a work mistake, take accountability. Never be afraid to voice out what you have done wrong. Every single person learns and grows from mistakes. It shows that you value your work and you want to do better. It also signifies that you are someone that can be trusted if you know how to take ownership for mistakes.



You have a voice and you need to use that. Be the type of professional worker who has enough confidence in your skills and experiences to share suggestions for the benefit of your employer’s business. They will appreciate you for voicing your concerns. It shows that you are a stakeholder, you are a team player, and you want take an active part in making the business grow.



Wow your would be employers by showing that you have the eagerness and intent to learn. Show that you can be easily groomed, open to ideas, and welcome feedback. Be proactive in seeking constructive critique because it signifies that you want to improve and grow. On top of that, it also indicates that you are serious about the job. 


These are the qualities that you have to keep in mind if you want to join the exciting and rewarding arena of Virtual Work. There are many opportunities available out there; all you need to do is grab them. If you are wondering where to start, hop-on over to These guys know the market, and they can certainly help you get started.