Why Go Virtual? The Perks of Virtual Working

  •   Mar-20-2018

  •   by HIreFilipino

Boost productivity and increase job satisfaction by ridding yourself of that annoying and pressure-inducing bundy clock. Why beat it every single day when you can get paid just as much by being an online Filipino Virtual Worker


As a virtual worker, telecommuting allows you to have a fruitful career without the hassles of having to tough it out during the rush-hour traffic. Heck, you can even work without ever leaving your house. Yes, promise, you don’t ever have to rush to the office because everything is done with the aid of fast and reliable technology. And there’s no harm in using technology to our advantage!


Find that hard to believe? Well, look at me. I have been hired to write this article and make content for this site. I am getting paid really well thanks to the power of the peso-dollar exchange rate. On top of those, I am doing all these typing on my bed, with a laptop, while wearing my pajamas. Sounds sweet? Hell, yes. Here are some reasons why being a remote worker is beneficial:


You Can Work Anywhere

All you need is reliable internet connection, a laptop, and a smart phone and you can literally work anywhere you want—yes, even the beach. You can design content by the poolside, you can draft posts in a cozy café, and you can even do bookkeeping while on your couch. Any arrangement is virtually possible as long as you have the basic technology.


You Control your Schedule

Depending on the company you choose to work for, or the job you choose to take, it may be possible for you to set your work schedule that best suits your needs. The important element here is being able to accomplish tasks and goals on time. If you’re a fast worker, then that leaves you with more free time to do whatever you want. It is about maximizing the hours so you can work when your brain is the most productive. 


You have more Free Time

Because you no longer sit around in the snail-paced traffic and you no longer have to painstakingly get ready for work, you now have more free time to do other things. Anyone who has been stuck in unmoving traffic for 2-3 hours will know and understand this frustration and desperation. Want to have breakfast with your children and set them off for school? Go right ahead. Want to eat dinner with the family? Yes you definitely can! There might be even time to get that mani-pedi you have been pushing off. All these are made possible by working remotely.


You Save Money

You don’t just save time, but you also save money by being a Filipino Virtual Worker working from home for a multinational company. You don’t have to waste gas money for the long drive to work, no need to pay for expensive parking, and no more expensive toll fees. If you commute, definitely there’s no need to pay that fare, while braving the heat of the sun and pollution. On top of that, you save money on work clothes and make-up. Even the designer coffee you and your co-workers take will be off the budget. Definitely there is savings all around!


Make Money doing what you Love

The best part about telecommuting, there are wide array of job industries to choose from. Since majority of the companies are foreign global ones, they have the power of the dollar working at an advantage. Definitely, Filipino remote workers are paid above the Philippine industry standards. And really, there is no better way to earn a living than doing something you actually enjoy. As the saying goes, find a job you love and you never have to work a day in your life. 


No Pressure to Dress Up

Of course, aside from video conferencing, you may be able to work in your pajamas if you wish too.  If you’re most comfortable and effective in PJs, then why not, right!? The best thing about doing remote jobs: there are no physical offices and no need for face-to-face time with co-workers. You can really choose to focus on the nitty-gritty of work without ever having to worry about dressing to impress. Shine with the tasks given to you and not by how you look!


Satisfaction All Around

Making a good living means meeting your personal and family’s needs. Doing all of these while engaging is something you love is really satisfying. Working without sacrificing time for other valuable activities is indeed a blessing. Because you are now more rounded, life just feels infinitely better. You’re less stressed and less harassed, but more productive and fulfilled.


If all of these sound like a good idea to you, then now is the time to hit the ground running. You can work as a freelancer or you can work full-time/ part-time for a company. You can choose to stick to one company or you can take on as many projects as you deem fit. The key here is always delivering high quality output for clients. Want to find out more on how to get started, hop-on over to www.hirefilipino.ph