Marketing Strategy: AdWords And Facebook Ads + Social Media Marketing (ongoing)

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I'm seeking a freelancer who lives and breathes social media who will drive traffic (paid + organic) to my content and live events in NYC. 

The ultimate goal is to appeal to the right audience who will then apply for my coaching programs.

I'd love to hear from you if you...

*Understand and have experience in the information marketing / coaching world.
*Know how to run an effective Facebook Ad campaign that targets (and retargets) the right audience.
*Are an excellent communicator and do what you say you'll do.
*Work fast because #timeismoney!
*Have a good sense for which graphics will do best and are fabulous at making killer graphics (ideally in my Canva account)
*Can write copy that makes people want to click :)
*Stay on top of analytics and metrics for campaigns (from FB to Google Analytics, etc)
*Actively re-market and use the tools FB and AdWords make available to optimize a campaign.
*Stay on top of campaigns and know when to change course when an ad isn't performing.

Long-term, I'd like to develop an ongoing relationship with someone who can jump in quickly and get consistent results that allow us to predict (with some level of accuracy) "spend X, get Y results."

NOTE: Please have referenceable clients who have gotten a real ROI in the coaching space. Advertising for product/CPG companies is not the same. We've tried to make it work with other freelancers and the learning curve is too steep. You must already know the landscape that I work in.